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Dear S. Raydawn,
I am a freshman at high school. I want to join the blogging club, but I am too afraid people will thinkI will be nerdy. Should I join or not???
-To Blog or Not to Blog

Dear T.B.O.N.T. Blog,
Follow your heart. All my peers thought I was weird for having a blog, but I became successful and I have so much fun. I never regret it at all. Keep holding on.If people make fun of you, don't let them bring you down. I bet you can have more fun than regret. E-mail me your blog details.
-S. Raydawn

Dear S. Raydawn,
I go to middle school. I do not know anybody! I just moved and my parents are always working. Any tips on how I can make new friends?

Dear I.a.s.b.y.a.m.o Friend,
I have never gone to school, but I have made friends. Start out easy by sitting with someone at lunch. Do not let your shyness take over. Start a conversation and really let your inner thoughts out, as long as they are not embarrassing. I know you will be fine at your school. As for the parents, tell them you want more alone time with them and really make them listen. I wish you luck :)
-S. Raydawn

Dear S. Raydawn,
I have brothers. 4, to be exact. 2 older, and 2 younger. So ya i'm the middle child. They take up sooooo(o's X 4) much space! Tell me how to get some room!

Dear B.B.m. BROBRO,
I am a hamster, so I am used to being squished. Find one room in your house that none of your "bros" go. If not, look for nearby places in the neighborhood that you can go to. Trust me, space is ALWAYS a problem.
DON'T WORRY! I'll think of you if it doesn't work!
-S. Raydawn

Dear S. Raydawn,
I feel stupid. Writing to a "hamster." But I <3 your blog. The hamsters are soooooooo cute! I want to have a blog too! How do I, and do you have any tips?
-Interested reader

Dear I. Reader,
To create your own blog, go to the home page. All the way to the top is a black bar. Click create blog. Then let the web guide you. The only tips I have are be creative, but use a fake name, called a pen name. The reason I don't have one is because I am a hamster, and how are you going to find a hamster? Never put important information on it, such as your address, real name, or parents name. I am glad you are such a big fan of my blog!
-S. Raydawn

Dear S. Raydawn,
I think my pet guinea pig is overweight. She will eat anything I give to her. How should I check?
-Not the Fatty

Dear N. T. Fatty,
I don't know much about guinea pigs, but I do know that they are always fat. Try feeding her a little less. If she looks unhealthy, go to a pet store or vet that will check her to make sure she is okay. By the way, love your name! Very true (I think)...
-S. Raydawn

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