Speak to your pet-

Pets like when the "E" in their name is pronounced like "eeh". For example:
Pickle: Picklee
Jake: Jakee
Sprite: Spritee

Pets also like to be complimented on their fur. For example:
"Oh Picklee, your fur coat is so soft and fluffy. Did you grow it yourself?"

Also tell your pet that they look young. For example:
"Picklee, your fur is so nice. You look like you are 7 ("in dog years" you may add)! Cute lil' puppy!"

Do all these steps and your put will love you forever.


Mickie D's Man said...

Sure, like YOU speak dog.

S. Raydawn said...

Actually, no. I don't. I speak mammal, amphibian, reptile, bird, small rodent, weasel, people, Spanish, French, Chinese, and a little bit of Hungarian, but not dog. Top THAT!

Mickie D's Man said...

Sounds like a bet

S. Raydawn said...

Nope, just wanna see if you can top that.

Anonymous said...

Ha Raydawn rox!

SophieSaySalut said...

Ya i <3 S. Raydawn


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