I gave birth to Dashy Junior and 6 other hamsters 1 year ago, June 4th!!! We had  a birthday party for them! Here are some party favors!!!

When running in your wheel is too mainstream

Why run inside your wheel when you can run on top!


oh junior shes so cute



Today I am going to give you a hamster food tutorial. You will need
1hamster food bowl
A fork
Shredded cheese
Okay first you chop up the spagghetti in to hammy sized pieces and swirl it around the bowl. Then you chop up a small bit of tomato and put it on top. Next you add a little bit of your shredded cheese. And voilà! Hamster spaghetti you have!!!!

Note: You may want to add a small bit of lettuce to look like basil.


My master has bought me a unicorn. Your argument is invalid.

School Nights

My BFFL Mathilda has to get ready for school tomorrow!!!!!! She has to study and put things away in her backpack.


Lately I have been climbing up on top of my cage. It is really fun. I think Tildi has been trying too!!!! :)

A friend!!

My veeeeerrrry good friend Mathilda (or Tildi, as I call her) just came over. Here she is!!!

My new cage!!!

I just got a sweet new cage it is so much fun!!! There is a bunch of stuff for me to play in. I love it!!!! Here is a pic!!!

My cage

My nightly escape.


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